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Post by RAV » Thu Aug 05, 2021 10:44 pm

This is a sort of remaster for earlier content. I fixed and improved all the maps.

Added shader after-effects, in particular anti-aliasing, adaptive color correction, glow and emphasized highlights.

All content is now fully licensed for use in an actual game.
Bought many large paintings and a library of music, showcased in this video.
The paintings will serve as loading screens, scene transitions and story context.
The music has a nostalgic vibe to fit with the environment.

Every aspect of the project is made in a creatively efficient way.

Everyone has their own answer to what a faithful homage to early pixel games means.
We also have different ideas to what pushing the genre means, or what kind of restrictions are of meaningful importance to the genre.

Even though I have decided to employ some shader effects, I still do not consider that in itself a meaningful advance for the medium.
What I am really interested in are the innate mechanisms, such as I explained on earlier occasions, that make the tool creatively special and unique.

Years ago I dreamed about finding an interpretation of early classic pixel games that feels just about right and timeless.
I'm personally satisfied with what I have now arrived in my own quest for that, as must each figure on their own.

What is maybe most important to me above all is that I feel creatively empowered and independent.
This is why I do what i do. Yet again, what this means is to each their own.

We live in interesting times. With a smart approach on the issue, it is possible for anyone to work around anything.
Trust your raw creativity to overcome any challenge, there is nothing more satisfying in life. Be crafty and make do.
"AURA Certified Quantum Healing Hypno Therapist"

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